Faraneh, Los Gatos
I have known Melissa for a long time and I always come here during Christmas.  She always did a great job with flower arrangement.  My clients always enjoyed the orchid that I brought to them.  I recommend her to a lot of my friends again and again.  I am here today again and I need to go to an engagement party.  She is very patient and works with her customers very well, so I recommend her to you too.  Come and see what she has.  Amazing!!

Lyn, Cupertino
I love coming to  Melissa Orchid because the owner always take a special interest in what my needs are.  She is always very patient with me when it takes me a long time to find the right orchid for me and she always make it much more prettier than when it stands all alone.  She adds her personal touch with great service.  Sometimes it’s a little tricky to find what I want but I keep her card and always coming back.

Lynda C., Saratoga
I enjoy shopping here because orchids here are very healthy and it offers a great variety of selections.  I have been coming here for several years and I really love the flowers that I can get here.  I recommend Melissa Orchid to people who are shopping for a beautiful orchid.

Yeong J., San Jose
My company just moved into a new building.  It’s a very nice office facility.  My boss asked me to get a nice orchid in the reception area.  Through my wife’s help, we selected a very nice looking orchid from Melissa Orchid.  Everyone in the company offered many praises about how grand and beautiful the orchid is.  Unfortunately five days later, the orchid is missing.  How sad, but for sure we are going to get one or two orchids to decorate our house.

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